Alan Parkinson

Artistic director Alan Parkinson lives in France and works both there and in Nottingham, England.

He first started experimenting with pneumatic sculptures in the I980s and has since developed his own language of form in this plastic medium.  In 1992 he established the company ‘Architects of Air’ to build and tour his luminarium designs

Alan describes his intention as an ‘Architect of Air’ in the following terms:

“What motivates me to design is the fact that I continue to be struck by the beauty of light and colour found in the luminaria.  These structures nurture an awareness of a pure phenomenon that gently cuts through everyday conditioned perceptions and awakens a sense of wonder in people”

The pneumatic form has a simple purity that echoes that of the light it contains.  It has been Alan’s work to explore what is possible within the laws of pneumatics to develop an architectural aesthetic capable of doing justice to the beauty of the light in the luminarium.