Books featuring Architects of Air

Blow Up

Sean Topham - Prestel

Realms of Impossibility - Air

C.J.Lim - Wiley

Portable Architecture 3rd edition                                    

Robert Kronenburg - Architectural Press


The Geometry of Sheet Metal Work

A. Dickason - Longman Scientific and Technical

 - a very useful book for techniques of form analysis and cutting pattern production

Natural Forms

The Monumental Impulse - architecture’s biological roots

George Hersey - The MIT Press

Art Forms in Nature

Ernst Haeckel - Dover

On Growth and Form

D'Arcy Thompson - Cambridge

Islamic Architecture

The Sense of Unity - the Sufi tradition in Persian architecture

Nader Ardelan and Laleh Bakhtiar -  The University of Chicago Press

The Persian Bazaar - Veiled spaces of desire

Mehdi Khansari and Minouch Yavari - Mage Publishers, Washington DC

Inflatable Architecture

Air Air – Celebrating Inflatables

27e Stratageme

L'Entretien des Illusions

Francois Seguret-  Editions de la Villette

 - covers the inflatable designers Hans-Walter Müller and Xavier Juillot

Tensile Structures

Ed. Frei Otto - The MIT Press

IL 12 - Wandelbare Pneus

Ephemeral/Portable Architecture

Architectural Design Vol 68 No 9/10 September - October 1998

The Inflatable Moment - pneumatics and protest in '68

Ed. Marc Dessauce - Princeton Architectural Press, New York


Geometric Forms


Peter R. Cromwell - Cambridge University Press

Bucky Works - Buckminster Fuller's ideas for today

J. Baldwin - Wiley

Geometric Concepts in Islamic Art

Issam El-Said & Ayse Parman - Scorpion Wift

Order In Space

Keith Critchlow - Thames and Hudson

Islamic Patterns

Keith Critchlow - Thames and Hudson


Mazes and Labyrinths - their history and development

W.H. Matthews - Dover


Ignasi de Sola-Morales - Academy Editions

Catching the Light - what is light and how do we see it?

Arthur Zajonc - Oxford