Pro Space

Architects of Air are currently touring 5 luminaria – Arboria, Pentalum, Miracoco, Mirazozo and Amococo.

All luminaria are modular and can be adapted to different sites. They are easy to install and can operate in most weathers. They are successful in their own right but can be used for many different functions - performance, workshops, education, and more.

The experience starts with the spectacle of installation. Setting up can take as little as 4 hours. Using only the power required to operate two domestic electric kettles, in just 20 minutes the luminarium inflates to monumental size – up to 1,200m2 on the ground and rising up to 10m high.

The appearance of this ephemeral cathedral of air is a dramatic intervention in the everyday environment.

At the end of the final day, once the last visitor has departed, the structure is unplugged, unzipped and can be on its way to the next exhibition in 90 minutes.

In the course of the exhibition as many as 2000 visitors per day may have passed through the luminarium to come out happy, touched by a sense of wonder at the beauty of light and colour.


As well as giving the visitor an awe-inspiring arts experience, a luminarium gives the following benefits:

  • BROADEST APPEAL - a luminarium is for everyone. Appreciated by all ages, all cultures, all abilities including the elderly and wheelchair users.  A luminarium is the most inclusive offering.
  • A POWERFUL MAGNET - AoA’s luminaria are often a highly visible centrepiece to a festival.  The appearance of this ephemeral cathedral of air is a spectacular intervention in the everyday urban environment and a huge attraction to passers-by.
  • HUGE MEDIA COVERAGE - The luminaria are enormously photogenic. Most exhibitions will attract TV coverage and often live broadcast.  Front-page photos in the press are not unusual.  One Press Association photo was seen by 100s of millions of people around the world.
  • A MOST VERSATILE FORM OF ART - all luminaria are modular and can be adapted to different sites.  They can operate in most weathers.  They are successful in their own right and can also be used for many additional functions - performance, workshops, illumination, education, and more. 
  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICE - AoA has built a strong reputation for reliability over 18 years of international touring whilst maintaining a 100% safety record. Over 50% of all AoA bookings are repeat bookings.
  • STRONG SPONSOR APPEAL - offering a wide range of possibilities for publicity and hospitality, a luminarium can be a great platform for raising a sponsor’s visibility.


Each booking is a collaboration between AoA and the promoter to ensure the best circumstances for the visitor to enjoy the luminarium.

Typically an exhibition period ranges between 4 and 30 days. While as many as 2,000 visitors have passed through a luminarium in one day the average attendance has increased in 2010 to 1000 visitors per day. Normally the promoter charges an entry fee.

If you would like to know more about hosting a luminarium Architects of Air will be pleased to send your our Promoters Kit and to provide a quotation.