Performances & workshops

Normally the luminarium is the show.  Over the last 17 years most of the 2 million visitors to Architects of Air’s luminaria have enjoyed their experience simply for the experience of the structure itself.

However sometimes the luminaria play host to other art-forms where it has proved to be a wonderful setting for a large range of performances, from chamber music concerts to small-scale street theatre, story telling, circus acts or short film projections.

A luminarium is not like a conventional performance setting and there are many practical factors to consider when contemplating an animation.  Aside from the physical characteristics of the space that limit what is possible, the space itself can be a distraction – so artists need to be able to work with the space.

It is important to bear in mind that an animation of a luminarium is a creative partnership between AoA and the guest artists.  A full dialogue with the artists must take place in order to ensure that both the art form and the luminarium will be experienced at their optimum.

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