About Pentalum


Built in 2013, Pentalum is a celebration of the beauty of geometry.  The luminaria have long used forms based on the Platonic solid, the dodecahedron, and the variants subsequently described by Archimedes and Catalan.  The designer, Alan Parkinson, particularly favours these forms because of how they can complement the sense of discovery. They do this because they are forms that don’t have symmetrical axes to settle the viewer in the space.

So the pentagon is the base for the main structure elements, with the exception of the Main Dome, which, in order to achieve more volume, is heptagonal in form and as such still maintains the sought-after asymmetry.

The main dome continues the endeavour to master the rendering of muqarnas dome-like surfaces that was successful on a smaller scale on Exxopolis.  The tree occupies the centre space and this time the tree trunk is also 5-sided instead of the usual six-sided trees of previous structures. 

The outer dodecahedral domes all have a seam motif based on the schlegel diagram of a flattened dodecahedron, so that these domes become dodecahedrons within pentagons within dodecahedrons.  This is hopefully a structure to please other geometry enthusiasts.