Arboria is dedicated to the theme of ‘trees’. Trees are found both in structural forms and in graphic representation on the surfaces.

On entering visitors first encounter a green dome - one of the three 8 metre high domes, each dominated by a colour - red, green or blue. Each dome bears its own particular stylised leaf motif rendered to fit the underlying shape of a stellated dodecahedron.

Travelling on the visitors will arrive at the first 3-dimensional tree – a combination of cones and spheres assembled to form a brightly luminous tree trunk with branches that extend above their heads. Three of these tree-like structures triangulate the main dome whose10 metre high cupola takes its inspiration from the Chapter House of York Minster. Here one can see an interpretation of the original tall Gothic windows and the over-arching columns that culminate in radiant rib vaulting.

Arboria's sound experience originated in the Ecuadorian Cloud Forest where musician and sounds cape ecologist, Alice Eldridge (, made recordings for biodiversity monitoring. To the forest and wildlife sounds Alice has added her own piano composition.

Standard plan & dimensions