Daedalum is named after Daedalus. In Greek mythology he was the father of Icarus and the architect of the labyrinth of King Minos of Crete. Daedalum’s core element is a maze of 19 egg-shaped domes. The arrangement of the translucent elements that are the dome tops and pods is designed to produce vistas and hues of considerable variety and subtlety. 

The spatial conception creates mysterious sight-lines and allows colour to be altered from event to event. This flexibility over the colour experience makes Daedalum is the most painterly of the luminaria in terms of artistic control.

Exploring the labyrinth the visitor can also discover 2 major new elements. The Tree is an adventurous assembly of intersecting volumes rising above the visitor’s head creating many intriguing viewpoints.  The Main Dome features an innovative indirect illumination designed to vary the colour inside according to the sun’s direction

The 600 piece pattern of the Main Dome ceiling was loosely inspired by Rome’s Pantheon with its radiant oculus mimicking the sun and the Gustave Doré drawing of angels circling heavenward in Dante’s paradise.


Daedalum photo gallery