Dodecalis presents the latest evolution of the dodecahedral dome in its most exciting manifestation yet, with a dazzling tracery of luminous lines enlacing the three Dodecadomes. Dodecalis also feature a Tree, awe-inspiring in its convolutions, and a magnificent Main Dome.

Dodecalis’ outstanding feature is its 3 ‘Dodecadomes’.  For more than 20 years the dodecahedron’s evolution into a stellated truncated icosidodecahedron has been a staple of luminarium dome design.  The pentagon’s faces at ground level allow easy passage to the tunnels that extend from its base and the dome’s asymmetry serves to disorientate the visitor in a way to make exploration more exciting.

This latest version of the Dodecadome uses advanced design techniques to calculate a fluid breakdown of the form into flowing neon-like contour lines of graphic intensity.   Above eye-level one can see more clearly the dome’s pentagonal foundation and can sense what it is like to be inside a Platonic solid.

Dodecalis’ Tree and Main Dome both carry through the motif of neon-like tracery to maximise intrigue and wonder. 

Standard plan & dimensions

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