When sponsorship may be required to help promoters raise financial support, the luminaria will offer sponsors a unique and original opportunity to raise their profile.

Often events need sponsors. A luminarium gives a sponsor the opportunity to contribute to a unique, memorable event that is experienced by the broadest cross-section of the community.

Sponsoring an exhibition can raise a company’s visibility. A luminarium attracts a lot of media, local and international, as they are one of the most photogenic art forms. At every exhibition there is ensuing press coverage and nearly always television coverage.

A luminarium attracts attention wherever it is placed. The monumental forms are strikingly eye-catching and act as a magnet to draw in a large number of visitors.  A great way to raise profile in the local community.

The most frequent form of sponsorship is direct financial input from a company but sponsorship in kind, where the sponsor provides staff or materials, can also be valuable.

Heightened brand awareness both on the ground and in the media.

Specific aspects of the luminaria may be highlighted in their association with the sponsor’s product. The sponsor can use different media to get across their logo or other information about their support. The media can include:

  • The event programme
  • The map that is given to the visiting public
  • Advertising posters & flyers
  • Banners on the barriers (up to 200m in length)
  • Stewards uniforms (eg T shirts)
  • Display stands at front of house

Improved profile in the community

Major local employers can only benefit by association with a luminarium. The inclusiveness of the luminarium experience in terms of accessibility to all ages and abilities means that the whole community can participate.

Opportunities for staff development

Provision of staff to steward a structure can be a useful way to make positive impact in to the community and can enable team development. Employees of the company will gain a great sense of achievement whilst sponsoring an art event and participating in its realisation.

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