About Levity II


The second in the successful Levity series was built in 2005. The ceiling of the centre chamber of Levity II is particularly beautiful - translucent blue points in a swirling geometric pattern on a soft red ground make this the most mosque-like of domes.

The three outer domes are based on an adapted dodecahedron where the seam lines as fluid map contours to define the shape.

The Red Tree of Levity II is a dome with luminous central trunk and branches. It is often the dome where one finds a large number of people sitting around the trunk, centring on its radiance, as people might sit around a communal fire.



"Upon entering you instantly notice vaulted ceilings that arch towards heaven, creating a sense of grandeur and almost limitless space. The air is washed in colours deepening from soft tints to lustrous jewel tones."
Los Angeles Times

"VEO's main object is to surprise the public with contemporary artistic creations. We wanted to offer our public a sanctuary of the senses in the middle of the Valencia. A place to escape the frenetic pace, the noise and smells of the city.
In Valencia Levity II proved to be an unprecedented success with both media and the public (12,000 visitors). The invitation that VEO gave to its public can be extended to anyone anywhere in the world: come in, wander, lay down, float and dream...."
Marivi Martin, director, Festival Valencia Escena Oberta (VEO)