Terceradix celebrates 30 years of Architects of Air with a luminarium designed to be brighter and more colourful than its predecessors. Terceradix aims to be as beautiful under night-time illumination as it will be in the light of the day.

The name Terceradix signals that this luminarium commemorates the 30th anniversary of Architects of Air. “Tercera-” comes from the Spanish 'third' and “-dix” from the French for 'ten'.  It is pronounced ‘Tair-sair-a-diks’. 

Terceradix is designed to function for night-time presentation as well as daytime. This is achieved by means of the large translucent ‘light catchers’ atop its domes that capture more light.  The light catchers allow a mixing of coloured light to create quite a variety of hues inside that have hitherto been unseen in a luminarium.

Standard plan & dimensions

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