Architects of Air wants the presenter to get the most out of the potential of hosting a luminarium.  To that end we can support presenters to achieve their broader objectives  - objectives that may entail hosting performances, workshops and meetings or that may seek to use the educational potential of a luminarium.

Artistic encounters

The 3 million visitors to Architects of Air’s luminaria have generally enjoyed their visit simply for the experience of the structure itself, but sometimes the presenter may seek to involve local artists in an exhibition.  This has led to a wide range of performances, including chamber music concerts, story-telling, sound performances, dance, film projections, choral singing and many others.

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To enter a luminarium and have a sense of wonder at the beauty of light and colour is already educational. But luminaria can also be a springboard to directed learning. This can be within curricular framework following STEM themes or can be broader where audiences of varying age groups can explore directions in architecture, science, art and design, and technology.

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Workshops & meeting place

A luminarium offers an unconventional space where people can assemble. Workshops and meetings of diverse nature have been held inside, from yoga and relaxation classes, life-drawing sessions, design lecture, to hosting a festival media launch and welcoming a United Nations High Commissioner and guests to a reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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