An extraordinary space of light & colour for extraordinary projects, places & people.

A Lumini is a smaller Luminarium designed to serve socially driven as well as private and corporate host organisations that wish to create a special offering to a particular community of people, an offering that will be enhanced by Lumini’s special visual and spatial qualities. A Lumini is designed for use as a functional hosting space where the light and colour experience is not an end in itself but is a complement to whatever activity takes place inside. A Lumini presentation is always something more than the experience of the structure. Lumini are accessible to all, including those with physical disabilities and mobility issues. They embrace all ages, abilities, languages and cultures.

Activities within the Lumini requires the host presenter to programme the activity, advised and supported by AoA. The broad range of possible activity within Lumini can include performance, music, screenings, community celebrations, storytelling, corporate meetings, media & product launches,  workshops, movement, yoga, sensory, culture, learning, wellbeing and more.

If you are interested in hosting a Lumini, for more information, costs and for all Lumini enquiries please contact us.

Lumini Project - Arts & communities

Architects of Air desires to support initiatives that use the environment of a luminarium to create a special presentation for special audiences. The Lumini Project focuses on  developing projects with socially driven host organisations that wish to create a special offering to a particular community of people, an offering that will be enhanced by Lumini’s special visual and spatial qualities. 

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Private & corporate

Lumini have been used within a private or commercial context for various functions; an employee celebration, a new product promotion, a dealer reward event, a private music event or a media launch. The space can be used for its original intent, as an immersive space for clients / guests to experience, but may also welcome happenings inside as long as they match the functionality of the Lumini.

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 “I was overwhelmed by the lumini brought to Autscape this year which was far more wonderful than I could have imagined. As a person with aspergers i am greatly affected by colour and this was like a dream come true. I have memories of just wandering through, of singing in there, of gently spinning (my daughter did too), of conversations with the people running it. It was a very special experience”. Trish Jubb, visitor at Autscape

“Our students loved the opportunity to take some time out during the busy exam season, and relax in the beautiful, meditative space of the Lumini. The Architects of Air team had great communication, were very friendly and organised, and ensured our event ran smoothly; we can’t wait to work with them again!” – Dr Gwyneth Eanor, Nottingham Trent University

“Architects of Air's Lumini project brilliantly delivered a truly inclusive creative experience with many community groups.” - Shona Powell MBE, Nottingham Lakeside Arts

“Every one of our team felt it was a real privilege to have had the opportunity to work with AoA. We can't praise Lumini Managers highly enough...” - Helen Chesters, Arts Development Officer for The Borough of Telford & Wrekin.

“It was so easy to lose track of time and all other cares inside the structure and just observe the way in which the students - all of whom present with severe and profound learning difficulties - were engaging with this unique environment. Thank you for providing such a rich and rewarding experience for us all. Jonathan Gray - teacher, Stanton Vale School

“My son Eric, who is autistic and has Down Syndrome, played for the first time in the Lumini.” - Eric’s mother

“A creative place for discussion, it will hopefully spark similar creativity in us as we enter to listen, learn, and share messages.” Navi Pillay, (UN High Commissioner for Human Rights)

Hosting a Lumini

  • The Lumini are modular and can be assembled to create different sizes and spaces.
  • They adapt to most sites whether indoors or outdoors, grass surface or hard surface.
  • Travelling with the Lumini are a minimum of 2 Lumini Managers responsible for the safe installation of the Lumini and ensuring proper management of visitors.
  • The presenter provides the staff to assist in the mounting and demounting of the Lumini and provides staff for visitor management.
  • AoA has a 100% safety record – a Lumini safety manual is available on request.
  • AoA has a comprehensive resource of documentation to inform and guide presenters with all aspects of a Lumini presentation.


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