“There’s Something in the Air” - a Lumini Project by Architects of Air for St. Ann’s, Nottingham 

“There’s Something in the Air” (TSITA) was a Lumini Project focused locally to the Architects of Air (AoA) workshop in St. Ann’s, Nottingham - with and for its communities.The key targeted groups were children & young people, those with SEN/D & PMLD, elderly & local residents.

From Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th April 2024, across 7 days, a Lumini was located in a central St. Ann’s green space delivering free cultural activities in partnership with local schools, artists, charities & organisations.

The Lumini Project is ambitious, innovative & develops diversity of audience & participants by removing barriers. AoA are a global success and TSITA delivered world class excellence for our local community.

For more detailed information about this project and the programme, please see our video below, view the photo gallery and download the TSITA Impact Report.

If you are interested in hosting a Lumini please email : izzy@architects-of-air.com 

Photo gallery 

This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.


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