Explore the joys of pneumatic architecture through creative teamwork in the building of inflatable structures.

Architects of Air design and build and we want to support others to design and build. Alan Parkinson has led inflatable-making workshops since 1982 and our recent collaboration with Dutch architect, Eric Schrijver, has added an extra dimension to what we can offer.

We can provide anything from a short 4-hour taster introduction involving both theory and making practice, to a long-term build workshop that enables an organisation to achieve a significant structure of their own creation.

Workshops can run alongside a luminarium exhibition or stand alone. They have involved from 4 to 100 participants. They have been adapted to a broad range of participants from community centre volunteers to college students, from artists to post-graduate architects.

We have created a simple workshop package but we would be delighted to respond to initiatives from anyone wishing to create their own inflatable project. 

Download the Workshops flyer

"It was a truly unique experience. It's amazing to see how you can create air sculptures with this simple material in a short period of time. Not only did I learn a lot from it, but it was also a great day for team bonding. I would recommend this activity to anyone who wants to experience how it is to be an architect (of air) for a day." Farah Coppola, The Hague University

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